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Steel Rolling Mill Machinery Manufacturers

steel rolling mill machinery
steel rolling mill machine
steel rolling mill machinery
steel rolling mill machinery
steel rolling mill machine

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We are a leading platform who provide opportunity to several buyers and sellers across the globe to gain relevant information on steel rolling mill machinery, steel rolling mill machines, rolling mill machinery, rolling mills, equipments & parts for steel rolling mill machinery. The site also keeps the visitors updated with the latest news and advancements in the steel rolling mill industry. Moreover, the information on the website is given in a detailed manner and is easy to retrieve & understand. This platform provides access to data regarding exporters, suppliers and manufacturers of steel rolling mill machinery from every nook & corner of the world. Our main motive behind creating such an online marketplace is to give a good exposure & proper knowledge to the buyers & sellers on the technological advancements and improved versions of such machines and all other related products & accessories. Here you will also get information on what is steel rolling mill machinery, its types and its uses.

hot rolling mills

Hot Rolling Mill

These are designed & manufactured by our experienced engineers using high grade milling equipment & accessories for the purpose of Hot Rolling the Plates & Slabs. The product offers higher reduction of thickness and width and performs the pressing function excellently. Known for its high functionality and durable nature, our offered product can be availed by the clients at affordable prices. Catering several industrial applications, our offered products are highly demanded in varied industries.

Cold Rolling Mill

This product is designed for the purpose of rolling down the coils and sheets. With its ability to show good response to a diverse range of metals, such as, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and others, the machines is highly acclaimed by the clients. Highly efficient in nature, the offered products are precisely engineers using latest tools & instruments so as to ensure accuracy in dimensions.

Applications of Steel Rolling Mill Machinery

A steel rolling mill machine is a kind of machine which is used in various metal processing industries to give desired shape, finishing, strength to metal sheets, metal bars, metal plates, etc through various processes. The process of steel rolling includes a set of steps which starts with the reheating of semi-finished steel slabs. The heating is done close to the melting point of the slabs using high grade machines. In the Heating Furnace, premium quality inputs like Ingots/Billets are heated until a set temperature, after which, they are transferred to a special roll. In this roll, the passed material is provided with the preferred size and thickness. Further, during the Thermo Mechanical treatment the hot ingots/billets are sprayed with high pressure water while they pass through quenching boxes. The spraying takes place until the material passes through the last of the rolls. This is done to make the outer surface cold and help the bar attain properties of resisting corrosion. The process helps in coming up with steel bars that are way better than the traditional CTD Bars. The last step is to roll the bars again and again to make these thinner and longer. After the process is complete, the final output is properly coiled up and prepared for transportation. Thus the steel rolling mill machines play a very important role in different types of metal processing industries. G+.
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